You Need A Team and This is Why

I once wrote an article about my about the idea of the relationship between individuals and teams.


In the article, I explained that better results come out from the contributions of individuals who keep growing.

In a circumstance where people produce good results, there is a virtuous cycle in which the conditions will be better prepared for the greater challenges, resulting in further development in the individuals.

The choice between working as an individual or in a team

Working for a company is still the mainstream in Japanese society, but these days, other working options are available such as working as a freelance or a small business owner.

Many independent workers certainly make more money than those working for an organization.


Unlike it used to be, “you need to belong to an organization to survive” is not a common sense anymore.

Yes, the more options we have in a society, the better we live.


Of course, you can work as an individual allying with others. However, the team would be much more fluid and dependent on the context.


What’s beyond this point is up to individual preference, but I strongly believe that working in a team, or a company, has a great significance.

How you will choose your team (namely, company)

Although there are several factors to consider when choosing a company, I believe the following points sum up.


They are Mission, Vision, and Spirits (MVS in the following) and the salary conditions of that company.


Mission signifies “why the company exists in the market, or its significance.”

Vision clarifies “what exactly the organization is striving to achieve.”

Spirits show “the company’s views and values.”


Salary conditions explain “the future probability of the pay-raise, besides the present payment.”


MVS should not be a decoration, but essential and realistic ideas. Therefore, it should not be something just written on a website, but one that reflects the reality of the actual company.


When observing from the outside, you cannot easily see what’s inside.

Therefore, it is necessary to learn about what the managers and the employees speak out to the outside as much as possible, to make a choice you won’t regret.


That is why I write (and others force me to write) Colorkrew Blog.

The significance of working and fulfilling the vision as a team

The reason I choose to work in a company is this: I want to work with people in the same team, work on a project, and fulfill the vision together.


I have, in some period of my career, been making good results as an individual in a company. However, there was a huge difference in the satisfaction of achievement. It wasn’t fun, at all.

Sharing everything, which is success, enjoyment, and even hardships, is quite important in work, isn’t it?


For most people, half of the lifetime is spent working.

Making that time better, I believe, is a great contribution to the improvement of quality of life.

A team is for everyone to build.

A team is a living organism.

It could change, grow, or shrink between now and the future.


The team will grow by everyone’s positive influence.


The most important thing to build a strong team is the individuals’ output to the outside.


Colorkrew supports such in-house communication with “Goalous”, a objective based communication service, and contributing to the evolvement of the company’s in the society.