Make your vision colorful! ~Vision Renewal

On December 1, 2021, We updated our vision.

「 Color Your Work with Excitement 」

We wish to make working people’s daily life more exciting.
We wish to provide color and variety to people’s lives.
Our new vision was created with this in mind.

The Vision Project Again

This is the third renewal of our vision since I came to work at Colorkrew in 2010.

The first took place in 2011.
At that time, we were mostly a B2B business company, but we formed this vision because we wanted to be a company that would make an impact on the world with our own products.




This vision reflects our ambition to provide a service that will inspire people from Japan to all around the world.
Incidentally, at the time, the team was all Japanese. We didn’t even have a developer on staff could build a smartphone application.

In 2016, we had our next renewal, and we clarified what areas we wanted to improve.




We wanted to build a service that would revolutionize the field of people work.

In the last five years, we have created and provided products such as “Goalous,” a Social Media Type goal management tool that visualizes the process of working toward a goal, and “Mamoru Biz,” which automates menial duties.

When we last relaunched in 2016, we used the word “global”, but in fact our workforce was primarily Japanese.
The majority of our users were Japanese customers.

Now, however, the team becomes multi-national and all products are multi-language.
We have also established a presence in Brazil, and the number of non-Japanese customers is growing.

Our vision is to make work enjoyable, but We felt like that wasn’t a good representation of what we meant.
We felt that we wanted to change our vision to reflect who we are now.

Problems with Japanese and English

There was one another flaw in the previous vision.
In Japanese, the phrase means “to make the world’s work fun,” but in English, we adopted the phrase “Let’s Go Inspire The World.

The English version of the vision was just a catchphrase with no translation of the Japanese meaning.
We wanted to put our intentions into the English vision as well.

Even if we came up with a good idea, we had a lot of various points of view, and in the end, we couldn’t always accept it.
After we started the project, more than three months quickly passed.

In such a challenging situation, our branding leader, Ayaka, responded to this difficult task with her brilliant leadership.

“Let’s use COLOR!”

This was the moment when we unanimously and comfortably decided on the new vision.

It captures our uniqueness and the intrinsic joy of our work.
It is only in simple English that we are familiar with, so even though it is written in English, it can be understood by Japanese.

We are committed to evolving into a more diverse and inclusive global company, and to making the work of the people who use our products more colorful and exciting.

Along with the VISION renewal, we also launched the “Culture Deck” to help people better understand the values and corporate culture that Team Colorkrew’s beliefs.
For more details, please refer to the article that will be released by the HR team.
If you have read this and think it’s a good idea, please come knock on our door!