The Leadership in ISAO

Everyone Should Show Leadership at ISAO

ISAO’s key concept in organization management is “Super Flat.” Every kind of information is open and shared to the utmost level. There’s no hierarchy, boss, or department.
Since there’s no boss, there’s no managers.

Although there’s no manager, every member of ISAO is a “leader” and expected to show certain “leadership.”

What do these terms mean? Today, I will explain the “leadership” I expect the members to have.


Conducting and finishing Basic Business Behaviors: These sum up everything.
Then what are the BBBs for a leader?

The followings are the messages I deliver to the teams.

Time Management
Especially with mornings, I don’t accept “just-in-time.” Make sure you have some extra time as a buffer so that you will always come to the office by the time.
Usually, you should at least have extra 15 minutes before the time. I consider anyone who always comes 5 minutes before the time and comes late when trains are delayed not doing business behaviors responsibly.
Speaking from my experience, anyone who’s not precise with time shows work that is not precise.


Consultation and Reporting
When you need some advice or to give a report, do it with your initiative. Especially, reporting “Bad news first” is important.


Handing in Before Due Dates/Time
Performance reporting, man-power management, attendance acceptance, etc.
Managing the due dates of your own submissions without being reminded is mandatory.
I don’t accept excuses such as “I’ve been too busy” after deadlines. If you cannot make it by the time, come and talk about it to think of a solution, in advance.


Leaders shall be active in showing models I don’t give positive evaluations to the leaders who don’t make ‘Action’ posts on Goalous.
Note: Goalous is an ISAO’s SNS service where people raise their goals and throughly share their daily activities toward the goals.


Understanding the Whole Company
Monday morning meeting, ISAO’s regular meeting for all staffs to share their activities and latest updates, is quite important. Please do join. I don’t accept not knowing what is going on in the company without attending it.


Health Management
As a professional businessperson, make sure to manage your health. Being sick on Mondays as a result of too much drinking is never accepted. Even if you have any health concerns, you still should have your own solution to deal with them.

I apologize if these sounded too harsh because these are messages intended for in-house members.


Please put some resource into coaching. The maximum time for coaching is 10% of your whole time. Spending most of your time in coaching will result in lack of your own results.


Penetrating BBBs in the Company
Leaders should show a strict attitude towards those who are not fulfilling BBBs.


Passion and Commitment in the Project
Look out over your project and your own position to draw your own picture of business development.


Company-wide Contribution
Keep total optimization and company-wide contribution in your mind.


Becoming a Persona
Become a persona in your business area for those who learn from you.


Participation in Management
Instead of making complaints in the back, participate in the company management with constructive criticism.


Becoming a Professional
Regardless of your field, try to become a professional who can stand for the company and talk about it in front of clients.

The Results Asked for a Leader

Actions will produce results.
What are the business outcomes beyond the leadership?

I explain the “definition of personal performance” to the members as follow:

Personal performance I find values in are these three:

  1. Started a business up, or expanded it.
  2. Improved the team performance in ISAO.
  3. Making contribution in individual growth through coaching with members.

No matter how wisely one speaks, I don’t give positive evaluation as long as he/she doesn’t make actions and is not contributing to the performance. That is ISAO’s way of thinking.
Actions mean to challenge.
No challenge brings no positive change. Making challenges must be an everyday-deed.

Of course, as I wrote in the previous article “Encouraging Challenges and Welcoming Failures”, we make lots of mistakes when we make challenges.
However, that is much more highly estimated than those do not make any. That is what ISAO does.

If you want this kind of leadership, and want to fully perform that kind of leadership, we strongly recommend you getting in touch with us via ISAO recruitment page!