The More Bugs You Write, the More You Learn: An Ever-evolving Web Engineer!

Hi! I’m Kiyo from HR and Branding projects!

I’m presenting the vol.6 of Let’s talk with Colorkrew engineers!

This time we talked with Mr. Nishida (usually going by Nishi), the developer of the inhouse product of push notification and authentification service, “Mamoru PUSH,”and a business tool with QR codes to reduce office duties regarding personnel, resource, and money, “Mamoru Biz.”
Among the others who join Colorkrew after working for other companies, he entered soon after his graduation and has been here for six years as a web engineer.
He has experience in the backend, app-development, infrastructure, front-end, and now is working as a full-stack developer.

How are you enjoying remote work?

Remote interview
Since we’re working remotely, we held the interview remotely.

Kiyo: Mr. Nishida, thank you for taking the time! I’m honored to have this interview and appreciate it!


Nishida: Wait, why are you that humble?


Kiyo: It’s been six years since you entered as a new graduate. Your contribution is now that of junior or veteran.
I thought it would be disrespectful to call you “Nishi.”


Nishida: Oh, stop. It would be weird. Please be natural. (laughter)


Kiyo: All right! By the way, remote work has become the standard since February. How are you doing?


Nishida: Well, It’s been the same.


Well, we adopted remote work in our workstyle long before. We see each other’s activities on Goalous as well.


Nishida: Thanks to the rules we decided, we don’t have to make appointments or permissions before making calls, and can talk to my colleagues with ease.


Kiyo: Do you have any troubles?


Nishida: Not at all. Well, if I were to give one, I eat my lunch and snacks too much.


Kiyo: That’s a common problem.

remote lunch
His today’s remote lunch was fried udon; looking great!

Fresher days: the Bug Master

Kiyo: We didn’t mention a lot then, but you’re already in your sixth year?


Nishida: Time flies.


Kiyo: I have an impression that you’re involved in projects here and there from the beginning. Are you mainly working in the Mamoru development for now?


Nishida: Yes. But at the same time, I’m in the payment projects and maintenance of other contracted projects.


Kiyo: What a Multi-task player!


Nishida: I’m interested in many and want to try everything.


Kiyo: Colorkrew has Super Flat Organization where there are no departments and positions, and therefore, you can participate in multiple projects.


Nishida: Yes, I like trying many things since I was a kid, and I always said I want to do it.


Kiyo: That lots of work might make you too busy, don’t they?


Nishida: That’s exactly true, and that was one of my challenges. My coach also pointed out that my goal was to stop overlooking the details when I had many ongoing projects.


Kiyo: It sounds like you overcome it, right?


Nishida: Yes, I’m still living a hectic life, but nowadays I don’t overlook my tasks like I used to.


Kiyo: How did you improve it?


Nishida: I learned to use tools to manage my tasks, but the biggest reason is that I just improved my work speed.


Kiyo: Speed?


Nishida: Yes. Since I do tons of things, the accumulated experience led me to the improvement, I guess.
or example, by working on infra-sides after the app-development sides, I came to see things from both sides; it resulted in better efficiency.


Kiyo: That’s the strength of a full-stack developer!

Secrets in the growth

Kiyo: The members of the payment projects told me you’re fast at work.


Nishida: That’s because…


Kiyo: Because?


Nishida: I guess because I caused tons of bugs in my first, second years.

taken after welcome ceremony
Nishida’s first day at the company. His life with tons of bugs started right after this.


Kiyo: What? What do you mean?


Nishida: I caused tons of bugs, and therefore I read all the kinds of messages that gave me great insights. They made my reactions quick.


Kiyo: What a reason!


Nishida: I have many unusual experiences that you cannot help feeling “how could such a bug happen?” It is a skill that good engineers by nature cannot have.


Kiyo: You gained the experience and knowledge. In the projects you were involved in, there were some out-date projects.


Nishida: Yes.


Kiyo: Didn’t you hate to work for them?


Nishida: No. Even if it’s out-dated when seen from the technology perspective, I understood it is an important task that sustained the company. I had my mission there.


Kiyo: Yeah. They’re important projects.


Nishida: If those out-dated parts of the projects were all I could do in my life, it would have been different. But it’s not what Colorkrew is like.


Kiyo: Right, because you can join multiple projects in the borderless organization structure, and the company deals with a wide range of businesses.


Nishida: So I could have different attitudes for each work like; “this is for the company,” and “this is for my self-development.”


Kiyo: That’s great!


Nishida: Also, there’s something to learn from in the out-dates. At that time, I had duties I do manually and therefore make mistakes; that’s where I learned what I don’t like.


Kiyo: I see.


Nishida: I had a rough time so I’m trying not to repeat what I didn’t like in the present Mamoru projects.

Mamoru Biz
Nishida participated in the development of Mamoru Biz scheduler. His learning was fully put into this as well.


Kiyo: Ok, I see the key to your growth. You utilize what you experienced in the next challenges!


Nishida: Haha, that’s quite usual!


Kiyo: Although it sounds usual, I think the fact that you have kept doing it is still great.
For you cannot do it unless you find the meaning in each experience by yourself.


Nishida: Thanks.

Love everyone working in Colorkrew. Come, those on fire!

Kiyo: You’ve been here for six years. Have you ever thought of changing your job?


Nishida: No. I chose this company because I like the people here and I work here for the same reason.
So, if everyone in Colorkrew changes the job at once, I might be going with them. (laughter)


Kiyo: That’s going to be a problem for the company! What kind of people are Colorkrers?


Nishida: Needless to say that they are willing to help with technical issues, they are happy to advise on any opportunities; in short, they do lots of things for the others.
We’re close out of the office too. That’s another fact I like.


Kiyo: The elder you get, the less opportunity you will have to get advice and feedback.

basketball with colleagues
We play basketball, went out for a barbeque, and keep a good relationship apart from work.

Kiyo: If you are to choose new members, whom do you want to join Colorkrew?


Nishida: I love those who are like Shuzo Masuoka(a very passionate Japanese tennis player)!


Kiyo: Wow, super passionate!


Nishida: Yes, I want to work with those who influence others with their passion.
I might not choose to work with those who have pride in not making mistakes. I feel like they tend to choose safer ways.


Kiyo: You can only challenge when you’re not sure if you can succeed.


Nishida: I think those with experience of failure and recovery have a strong personality.


Kiyo: Even if you cause tons of bugs, or overlook tasks because your management wasn’t good enough…


Nishida: All welcome! I love cliff edges!


Ok, then, Colokrew is actively recruiting those with burning spirit and an attitude to transform experiences into skills!