Change or Die: Encouraging Challenges and Welcoming Failures

Easier Said Than Done

With regard to one of ISAO Spirits, “Challenge What’s New Out There”,
I think it is easier said than done.

If you think “Making challenges is easy,” then you are too much talented, or you underestimate it too much.

Why Making Challenges is Hard

Then, let’s think about why making challenges is challenging.

To challenge something new means, as for either an individual or a team, to step into an area or difficulty that they never experienced before.

Because these are never experienced, naturally, there always is a risk of failure.

Doing something you knew you can doesn’t mean making a challenge.

Thinking about the possibility of failure makes you hesitant to move;
this might be what makes it difficult to make challenges.

Preparing an Environment That Encourages Challenge

At ISAO, making a challenge is extremely encouraged.

Not only with words, but also encouragement with circumstance is important.

To do that, we make it thoroughly certain in the evaluation process that
“Those Making challenges and resulting in failure” is greater than “Those not making failures for not making challenges”

I assume many companies would agree with this idea, but the reality in them isn’t always like that.

Accepting failures is one thing.
Furthermore, creating an environment where people even praise the failures that are results of brave challenges,
that is what ISAO is trying to do.

Once a new challenge is accepted, all that should be considered is to complete it with all might.

Everyone is in, and We Make 100 Million Passionate!

By accepting failures in making challenges, which is accepted, and spreading the culture where challenge is required to be accepted,
the team that was managed by few leaders will be transformed into an organization where everybody drives the business forward.

Then, there will be much more chance to grab greater success.

The coming of “Service that Makes 100 Million Passionate” ISAO is pursuing, is on the way from there.

We believe in that idea and continue making challenges.