Business Trip to Brazil 〜Vol.3〜

I’m Jinya, a software engineer in Colorkrew.
As I’ve been to São Paulo, Brazil for about a month, I’d like to share my experience here.

Why Brazil?

We’ve already mentioned how we started our business in Brazil several times in other blog posts, but yeah, it all started since this guy in the bottom right, Daniel came to Japan.
After we spent several yaers working together in Colorkrew, he went back to Brazil suggesting to sell our products there. What a surprise!
Ever since then, we’ve been trying hard to expand our business both in Japan and Brazil market.
That is indeed a huge challenge for us to start business in the opposite side of the earth, but we took the first, and very important step for “Go Global”.
As our business in Brazil grows recently, we started investing more by providing support from Japan.
Several people already visited Brazil to expand the local business, and finally it was my turn.
My mission was to “Accelerate Brazil market fit for Colorkrew Biz” by providing technical support.

What I did in Brazil?

I did mainly 2 things in Brazil.

  1. Implement new features for Colorkrew Biz and Colorkrew ID that the local customers need.
  2. Help investigate/handle the SEO issue they’ve been struglling for a while.

As Colorkrew Brazil doesn’t have an engineering team at the moment, they had a little bit of communication issue when they want new features that attracts their potential customers.
Colorkrew Biz has been developed to satisfy the demands mostly from Japanese companies to help them implement “Hybrid work” in their work spaces.
Different countries have different demands, Brazilian companies had somewhat different needs for our products.
Majority of their request comes from Security concerns.
For example, they see Colorkrew Biz “Inventory” feature too loose in a sense that it lets users borrow/return inventory items with almost no restriction.
We carefully listened those requests, established a reasonable approach, and broke down into several phases to deliver the features.
It was very interesting experience to hear user reviews from totally different perspectives.

How was the Life in Brazil?

I absolutely loved the life in Brazil.
Great food, friendly people, and safer environment than its reputation. (surprise!)
Only its mostly cloudy weather was deducting my 5 star review haha
I don’t believe there are so many companies with our scale that we can get a chance to work around the world.
If you are interested in joining our exciting journey, you’re very welcome onboard!
Feel free to contact us from here!