Just Three Ways to Increase Your Value

One’s value in a company is following his/her salary or position.

This time, I’ll think about how to improve your market value.

Improve individual performance #1 Basic Skills

To think of individual value, the first thing that comes to mind might be skills.

You should nurture those skills through a practical job; in other words, on-the-job-training (OJT) is the most important.


However, that’s not enough.


When you’re doing only your job, you can make good performances only that limited field.


Then, what?

You need to have quality and constant input.


Fundamental or basic skills should come first. Train your general skill and knowledge.

Avoid getting too focused on your expertise and learn about society or the fields apart from yours.


Read newspaper and book.


I especially recommend reading books. It doesn’t only enlarge one’s point of view but also motivates and stimulate you.


A piece of research shows that those who make $80,000 per year read two times more books than those who make $40,000.

Although this might not be indirect, I still believe there’s a correlation between growth and books.

Improve individual performance #2 Expertise

How could you improve your skill that directly affects the quality of your work?


Of course, improving your skill through your job is principal, but it won’t give you the fastest growth.


What would you do, then?


It is to understand the tasks around yours.

When you came to understand them, you will figure out how your work is related to the others’.


Then, you will start thinking about your job from a different perspective, comparing to when you only knew your role, and figure out how you grow yourself in ways you never knew before.


When you realize, you start growing.

Otherwise, you will not grow forever.

Contribute to your team’s growth

The first two focused on “increasing your value through growing.”


In addition to these, the third one is to “increase your value through contributing to the team’s growth.”

Valuable business persons contribute to other people’s growth.


Some people make a good performance, but no contribution to other’s growth.


On the other hand, some make contributions not only for themselves but also for the people who work closely together.

Their total value equals the value of themselves and the contribution to the others put together.


Apparently, the latter makes much more value in total.

Increase your value in a quadratic curve

Work is something to be done in a team.

Individual performance and growth are principal, but there is a limit to one person’s contribution.


The more positive effect one gives, the more the total value of him/herself rises in a quadratic curve.


For all business persons, the best growth strategy is to keep up individual growth and consciously contribute to the team as a whole at the same time.

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