Deciding to Grow

Moving to Japan

The first time I came to Japan, I was a tourist. I spent 1 week here during my final year of college.

The second time I came to Japan, I was moving here, starting a new job and a different way of life.

In the 7 years between, I worked as a software engineer across many American cities and companies.

At my first job, I quickly realized how little I understood about working on a team and building applications. I lacked experience and was afraid of making wrong decisions.

Over time, I got bigger tasks with new challenges. I added db columns and tables, implemented new API endpoints, and centered a few divs. I gained experience and started outputting better code faster. I started helping other engineers when they got stuck.

However, the biggest change was that I stopped feeling afraid of decisions. I still make bad decisions all the time. But I realized each bad decision is a chance to learn. The sooner you make a decision, the sooner you will find out if it is a good one!

Then, I decided to move to Japan and started to work at Colorkrew 6 months ago.

Working at Colorkrew

nature in Japan
Living in the world’s biggest city means you have unlimited choices every day. There are tens of thousands of restaurants and bars. Trains depart every few minutes in every direction with beautiful nature, history, and art outside every station.

Colorkrew is a company where you can decide what languages and tools you want to use, how the applications should work, and what parts you want to build. We move fast and create lots of new products so you will switch between teams, learn new things, and work with different people.

If there is something in the design or codebase you think could be better:
* Write the code and ask the team what they think
* Host a technical review and share your ideas

If some of your meetings should be emails, or you want some dedicated mentorship time:
* We accomodate flexible schedules so you can focus and get stuff done
* Team members are always willing to help so don’t be afraid to ask for their time

If you want to go camping in the mountains and see snow monkeys:
* Plan a work retreat or borrow the company’s camper van and go see the snow monkeys.

Because we trust each other, everyone has lots of freedom to decide.

Joy and Growth

Working here, I know that I am growing because of the countless decisions and memories I’ve made over the last 6 months.

The daily joy of deciding which Colorkrew member to sit next to and where we will go to lunch together makes me wish it didn’t take me so long to decide to move here!

If you want to learn and grow in a flexible environment, please apply. I’m looking forward to meeting you!
drink after the training